Strawberry Creek: A Walking Tour of Campus Natural History

Robert Charbonneau
Stephanie Kaza
Vincent Resh

This walking tour is a guide to Strawberry Creek on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley.  Strawberry Creek is a major landscape feature of the campus, with its headwaters above the UC Botanical Garden in Strawberry Canyon.  This tour covers only the central campus and should last about an hour.  It begins at the Faculty Glade, follows the South Fork downstream, and ends at Giannini Hall along the North Fork.  A map with indicated stops is located at the end of this booklet.

Richmond Bay Campus Coastal Terrace Prairie Management Plan

Mark R. Stromberg

This document outlines a comprehensive resource management plan for the Coastal Terrace Prairie at the Richmond Field Station.


Richmond Field Station Biological Assessment Report


This report outlines proposed remediation areas within the Western Stege Marsh, in the context of cleaning up legacy contamination.


Richmond Field Station Habitat Restoration Progress Report 2003-2007 Appendices


These are appendices to the 2007 report that summarizes habitat restoration and invasive non-native plant control activities in the Western Stege Marsh and adjacent coastal prairie.


Native Plants Recommended for Use at the University of California, Berkeley Along Strawberry Creek

David Kaplow
John Cloud

The purpose of this report is to provide specific recommendations for California native plant species to be planted on the central campus in or adjacent to both forks of Strawberry Creek.  The use of natives can be used for a number of objectives, including the following:

Native Plant Identification and Propagation Guide

Gino Gresh
Megan Bradley

This guide, written by Strawberry Creek Restoration Program student interns Megan Bradley and Gino Gresh, identifies and provides information on how to propogate local native plants that were planted in a habitat restoration project on the creek by the Women's Faculty Club.

Codornices Creek Watershed Restoration Action Plan (2004)

Kier Associates
Fisheries And Watershed Professionals
Urban Creeks Counsil

Assessment of Codornices Creek to establish presence of presence of steelhead and rainbow trout as well as examine the salmonid stream habitat potential. Authored by Kiers Associates.

Codornices Creek - Final Monitoring Report for the Watershed Restoration Action Plan, Phase 2 (2007)

Kier Associates
Fisheries And Watershed Professionals
Urban Creeks Counsil

Final monitoring report detailing the results of fish, stream habitat and water quality monitoring activities.

Red shouldered hawk

A fairly common mid sized hawk of North America, at least one nesting pair have made their home on the Berkeley campus.  This specimen is likely one of several that fledged in the spring of 2019 and is staying close to nest for the time being.