Derby Creek

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Arboreal Salamander

Arboreal Salamander can be found near the Clark Kerr campus.

Restoration Projects (Derby Creek)

Although the creek itself is mostly culverted, the Derby Creek watershed (the area draining to the creek) is a vibrant ecosystem especially in the headwaters. The Clark Kerr Campus hosts many interesting landscape projects, including:

Bioswale between the track and the Golden Bears Gym. Student organic garden. Compost tea applications for the baseball field.

Derby Creek - History

Not much is known about the history of Derby Creek. According to Charles C. Emslie, who grew up in Berkeley in the late 1800s:

Derby Creek was filled in and culverted about 1901. Its sources were the canyon at the head of Dwight Way and a spring at the south entrance to the Deaf and Blind school grounds (now the Clark Kerr Campus). The waters joined at College Avenue and Derby Street and flowed down the general course of Derby Street to the bay.

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