The Strawberry Creek Flood of 1962

Steven Finacom

Interesting article on a major flood in 1962 that damaged campus property and led to infrastructure changes.

Pre-European Ecology of the East Bay

Michael Harney
Malcolm Margolin
The Ohlone Way

Artist rendition of the ecology of the East Bay Area before European settlement. Illustration by Michael Harney (from The Ohlone Way, Malcolm Margolin, 1978)

Photo - Strawberry Creek as Sewage and Trash Disposal System - 1895


Like many urban creeks in the late 1880s, Strawberry Creek was used as a trash and sewage disposal system.

Photo - Hydraulic Excavation of Memorial Stadium - 1922

University Archives (UARC PIC 10D;45C)

Memorial Stadium was located directly on top of Strawberry Creek. Workers used a hydraulic monitor to excavate the site, resulting in sediment releases downstream in the creek.

Mexican Presidio, artist rendition - 1826

Richard Beechey
Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Dakin Collection

Painting by Richard Beechey


From the Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Dakin Collection

Photo - UC Berkeley Campus - 1874


Photo of the UC Berkeley campus looking west from the hills.