Winter Creek 2005-2006 Monitoring Report

Philip Williams & Associates, LTD
Jorgen Blomberg

Summary of conditions of the Winter Creek temporary stabilization project.

Western Stege Marsh Restoration Project Year 5 Hydrologic Monitoring Report

Kamman Hydrology & Engineering, Inc.

This report analyzes marsh survey data and historical imagery to evaluate the Western Stege Marsh Restoration Project standards for tidal inundation, marsh elevation, and channel geometry.



Western Stege Marsh Restoration Project Year 5 Monitoring Report

Tetra Tech

This final monitoring report of the Western Stege Marsh Restoration Project, which aimed to restore hydrologic complexity, improve water quality, and restore local ecosystems.



The Strawberry Creek Flood of 1962

Steven Finacom

Interesting article on a major flood in 1962 that damaged campus property and led to infrastructure changes.

Strawberry Creek- Channel Cross-Section Survey and Flow Measurement

Katie McKnight

Student laboratory write-up on hydrology of a restored section of Strawberry Creek.

Class Title: LA 222 - Hydrology for Planners

Course Instructor: Jeff Haltiner

Strawberry Creek Status Report - 2006 - Hydrology

Karl Hans
Steve Maranzana

This status report provides a summary of the hydrological conditions of Strawberry Creek including the results of monitoring completed since the implementation of the 1987 Strawberry Creek Management Plan. This is one of a series of technical reports being issued by EH&S to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the restoration program.

Strawberry Creek North Fork Mitigation Project (2017) - Year 3 Annual Monitoring Report


Summary report of the third year's conditions of the habitat restoration project at the confluence of the North and South Forks of Strawberry Creek.