Red shouldered hawk

A fairly common mid sized hawk of North America, at least one nesting pair have made their home on the Berkeley campus. This specimen is likely one of several that fledged in the spring of 2019 and is staying close to nest for the time being.

Creek Happenings

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Robert Charbonneau

Risk/Environmental Services - UC Office of the President

Bob began his environmental career in 1980 as a sanitary engineering aide with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Quality Engineering’s Water Pollution Control division while receiving his B.S. degree in Environmental Sciences from UMass-Amherst. Since that time, he's never been too far from the water (or sewer). After two years working as a water quality/water resources management specialist with a Massachusetts environmental consulting firm, Bob moved to the Bay Area to attend grad school at UC Berkeley, where he obtained his Master’s degree in Environmental Planning in 1988....

Urban Riparian Restoration: An Outdoor Classroom for College and High School Students Collaborating in Conservation

Karl Hans
Jeffrey D. Corbin
Alison H. Purcell

Despite the biological, social, and physical challenges that exist in urban creek restorations, there are opportunities to effectively involve local residents in ecological rehabilitation projects. An urban riparian restoration project along Strawberry Creek (Berkeley, CA) began with the goal of removing exotic vegetation and restoring native plant coverage. However, through the involvement of local high school and college students, the project accomplished an additional goal of educating the local community about restoration and conservation. Undergraduate students at the University of...