Strawberry Creek

The Strawberry Creek Flood of 1962

Steven Finacom

Interesting article on a major flood in 1962 that damaged campus property and led to infrastructure changes.

Strawberry Creek- Channel Cross-Section Survey and Flow Measurement

Katie McKnight

Student laboratory write-up on hydrology of a restored section of Strawberry Creek.

Class Title:  LA 222 - Hydrology for Planners

Course Instructor:  Jeff Haltiner

Strawberry Creek Watershed Storm Plan

Karl Hans
Aysha Massell
Tim Pine
Office of Environment, Health & Safety

This Watershed Storm Plan (WSP) focuses on efforts campus operations staff should take prior to and during a predicted storm event in which peak runoff flow could overwhelm the Strawberry Canyon detention dam and/or Oxford Street culvert and cause flooding on the central campus or the City of Berkeley adjacent to the campus.

Strawberry Creek Status Report - 2006 - Hydrology

Karl Hans
Steve Maranzana

This status report provides a summary of the hydrological conditions of Strawberry Creek including the results of monitoring completed since the implementation of the 1987 Strawberry Creek Management Plan. This is one of a series of technical reports being issued by EH&S to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the restoration program.

Strawberry Creek Status Report - 2006 - Education and Outreach

Karl Hans
Steve Maranzana

Summary of the educational and outreach activities focused on Strawberry Creek since the 1987 implementation of the Strawberry Creek Management Plan.

Strawberry Creek on the University of California, Berkeley Campus: A case history of urban stream restoration

Robert Charbonneau
Vincent H. Resh

Strawberry Creek is the major focus of open space on the University of California, Berkeley (Alameda County, California, USA) campus; it provides visual amenity and variety, riparian and wildlife habitat, and educational and recreational opportunities.

Since the beginning of this century, urbanization of the catchment, channel alteration and water quality degradation combined to cause deterioration of the creek’s habitat and overall environmental quality; this was manifested by a marked absence of flora and fauna, obvious water pollution and severe erosion.