Strawberry Creek

Strawberry Creek Fish


Three fish species were reintroduced into Strawberry Creek in 1988. They still live in the creek today.

Strawberry Creek Confluence Ecological Stabilization Project Basis of Design

Scott Stroller

Consultant memo describing the hydrology and geomorphology of the confluence area of Strawberry Creek.

Strawberry Creek Bank Stabilization Study (1988)

Jeffrey Haltiner
Philip Williams
Jack Schultz
Tom Christian

Strawberry Creek represents one of eight Berkeley creeks flowing between the Coast Range and San Francisco Bay. Both the South Fork and most of the North Fork of the Creek flow in open channels through the main campus. In the 2.4 miles between the Bay and the UC Berkeley campus, the Creek is mostly contained in culverts. In the campus reach, Strawberry Creek provides numerous benefits.

Strawberry Creek: A Walking Tour of Campus Natural History

Robert Charbonneau
Stephanie Kaza
Vincent Resh

This walking tour is a guide to Strawberry Creek on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley.  Strawberry Creek is a major landscape feature of the campus, with its headwaters above the UC Botanical Garden in Strawberry Canyon.  This tour covers only the central campus and should last about an hour.  It begins at the Faculty Glade, follows the South Fork downstream, and ends at Giannini Hall along the North Fork.  A map with indicated stops is located at the end of this booklet.

Storm Drainage Study Of Eastern Portion Of The Strawberry Creek Watershed

G T Kuntz

Summary of upper watershed Strawberry Creek hydrology, focusing on changes to the drainage system since 1980. Authored by G.T. Kuntz.

Pre-European Ecology of the East Bay

Michael Harney
Malcolm Margolin
The Ohlone Way

Artist rendition of the ecology of the East Bay Area before European settlement. Illustration by Michael Harney (from The Ohlone Way, Malcolm Margolin, 1978)

Redwoods Planted Where They Shouldn't Be

Megan Bradley

This article, written by a student leader in the Strawberry Creek restoration program, discusses how redwood trees are not native to the East Bay area.

Reinventing Stormwater: A Tour of the UC Berkeley Campus

Nicole Kush
Sasha Harris-Lovett
Tim Pine
Bernadette Dugtong
Kara Nelson
Brandy Saldaña
Office of Environment, Health & Safety

This walking tour highlights various installations around campus that are examples of sustainable water management, and illustrates how each improvement affects Strawberry Creek.

Urban Creek Science

The study of urban creeks is a fascinating field that encompasses many scientific disciplines. For more information on local urban creek science, use the following terms to search the Database to find reports, maps and presentations.