Strawberry Creek

Photo - Strawberry Creek Neglected - 1980s


By the 1980's Strawberry Creek was very neglected, with degraded habitat and harmful water quality. The City of Berkeley advised against direct contact with the creek because of sewage and chemical contamination.

Photo - Strawberry Creek Step Pool - 2016


A photo of the lower step pool in the Strawberry Creek Ecological Stabilization Project.

Photo - Redwood Cribwall - 1988

Vincent Resh

A redwood cribwall was constructed to stop erosion at the Stephens Hall Bridge. The spaces between the logs were planted with native vegetation. Techniques like cribwalls are referred to as ecological engineering or biotechnical and take the place of conventional engineering approaches using concrete.

Oakland Museum Watershed Map - Strawberry Creek

Oakland Museum

A map of the historical waterways of the East Bay.

Reference the Oakland Museum Watershed Map - Legend.
Go to the Oakland Museum's Creek Mapping Project for more maps and information.

Native Plants Recommended for Use at the University of California, Berkeley Along Strawberry Creek

David Kaplow
John Cloud

The purpose of this report is to provide specific recommendations for California native plant species to be planted on the central campus in or adjacent to both forks of Strawberry Creek.  The use of natives can be used for a number of objectives, including the following:

Native Plant Identification and Propagation Guide

Gino Gresh
Megan Bradley

This guide, written by Strawberry Creek Restoration Program student interns Megan Bradley and Gino Gresh, identifies and provides information on how to propogate local native plants that were planted in a habitat restoration project on the creek by the Women's Faculty Club.

Historic Flooding In Berkeley

Roger Lawler

Since the 1850's, when it began to be settled by substantial numbers of people, Berkeley has experienced periodic flooding. Present-day flooding stems from both natural and human-induced causes; it seldom results in severe damages, but can cause major inconveniences.