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UC Berkeley Stormwater Survey - 2017 analysis


A summary and analysis of UV Berkeley's storm water survey results from 2015, 2016, and 2017.

UC Berkeley Stormwater Survey - 2016 analysis

Office of Environment, Health & Safety

A summary of UC Berkeley's storm water survey results from 2015 and 2016.

Strawberry Creek on the University of California, Berkeley Campus: A case history of urban stream restoration

Robert Charbonneau
Vincent H. Resh

Strawberry Creek is the major focus of open space on the University of California, Berkeley (Alameda County, California, USA) campus; it provides visual amenity and variety, riparian and wildlife habitat, and educational and recreational opportunities.

Since the beginning of this century, urbanization of the catchment, channel alteration and water quality degradation combined to cause deterioration of the creek’s habitat and overall environmental quality; this was manifested by a marked absence of flora and fauna, obvious water pollution and severe erosion.

In 1987 a...

Strawberry Creek Management Plan - Chapter 4 - Environmental Assessment

Robert Charbonneau

Description of water quality, including pollutants, sediment, and biological communities.

Letter from Prof. Luna Leopold requesting a study of pollution sources on Strawberry Creek

Luna Leopold

Letter from Luna Leopold urging the University to sample creek water to determine the source of observed pollution.

Photo - Strawberry Creek Neglected - 1980s


By the 1980's Strawberry Creek was very neglected, with degraded habitat and harmful water quality. The City of Berkeley advised against direct contact with the creek because of sewage and chemical contamination.

Codornices Creek Watershed Restoration Action Plan (2004)

Kier Associates
Fisheries And Watershed Professionals
Urban Creeks Counsil

Assessment of Codornices Creek to establish presence of presence of steelhead and rainbow trout as well as examine the salmonid stream habitat potential. Authored by Kiers Associates.