Featured Publications (Strawberry Creek)

Reinventing Stormwater: A Tour of the UC Berkeley Campus

This pamphlet is a walking tour of sustainable and Low Impact Development (LID) on the UC Berkeley Campus (published in 2014). Funds for this project were provided by The Green Initiative Fund.

Strawberry Creek: A Walking Tour of Campus Natural History

A walking tour of the natural history of the UC Berkeley Campus (published in 2000).

Strawberry Creek Management Plan

(full document - for individual chapters and appendices go to the Searchable Database)

In 1987, in response to campus and community concerns over the deteriorated environmental quality of Strawberry Creek on the UC Berkeley campus, the campus Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) sponsored a comprehensive study of the creek. The results of the study completed by Robert Charbonneau were published in December 1987 as the "Strawberry Creek Management Plan" (1987 SCMP).

Implementation of the 1987 SCMP significantly improved water quality in Strawberry Creek, as evidenced by the successful reintroduction of locally native fish species to the creek in 1989 - the first resident fish population in the creek in approximately 100 years.

2006-08 Updates to the Strawberry Creek Management Plan

Strawberry Creek