Report A Concern

To report an emergency (a spill or hazardous condition that could impact creeks or the Bay):

  • During business hours, call EH&S: (510) 642-3073

  • During off-hours, call UCPD's 24-hour non-emergency line: (510) 642-6760

To report non-emergency concerns,email with details. 

When should I call?

Rule of Thumb: On a non-storm day, the creek should be clear and cool.

If you see or smell anything out of the ordinary, call us! We will investigate the situation quickly. Look below for guidance on what we determine to be emergency vs. non-emergency situations.

What are Emergency Situations?

Water Main Break

Broken water main shoots water 15 feet into the air

Drinking water contains chloramines, which are safe for humans but toxic to fish and other creek life. When a main water line breaks, time is of the essence - call us!

Hazardous Materials Spill

Diesel oil that spilled into the creek

This sheen is diesel oil that spilled into the creek in December 2011. It took 8 hours for anyone to report it ! Remember: if the creek smells like gas or chemicals, report it immediately.

What are Non-Emergency Situations?

Construction Site Runoff

A flooded construction site

Construction sites are one of the main contributors to sediment pollution. If you see a construction site that is allowing muddy water off of its site, call us immediately.

Sewer Overflow

An overflowing manhole

Sewage spills are no fun. Besides being pretty gross, excess "nutrients" in the water leads to increased microbial activity, which can lead to oxygen deprivation and possible death for water-based creatures.


High density litter on the ground 

Although not an emergency, trash is harmfual to aquatic life. Please pick up your trash!

Storm Water Runoff

Often, the first storms of the season mobilize soaps, volatile oils in leafs and other dried up liquids that have remained on the ground through the dry season. Suds in the beginning of the rainy season is not uncommon.

Parking Lot Runoff

Oil drips from parked cars drain off in the first rains. UC Berkeley works to clean up oil spills each year before the rainy season starts.