Sewage Overflows

Sewage overflows happen

They can be due to:

  • blocked piping from root intrusion
  • grease buildup from kitchens
  • broken drain pipes
  • physical barriers such as trash

How does sewage get into the creek?

  • Sewer system gets blocked
  • Sewage backs up out of the nearest opening (often a manhole or cleanout)
  • Sewage follows the path of least resistance downhill, usually down a street gutter, and into the nearest storm drain
  • Raw sewage dumps into the creek

What can I do?

  • Report a sewage overflow immediately!  Call (510) 642-3073
  • Never dump fats, oils or grease down sink drains!
  • Blocked pipes due to congealed grease is a major cause of sewage overflows.  Let oil solidify by letting it cool down, wipe it out with a paper towel, and throw into the trash.

What UC Berkeley is doing?

  • Implementing the Sewer System Management Plan that requires ongoing maintenance and monitoring of the sewer system.
  • Training staff regularly on prevention and response.
  • Inspecting campus restaurant grease traps regularly