Student Interns

Strawberry Creek Restoration Program (SCRP) Interns

Interns work together to:

  • Coordinate and manage volunteers for creek restoration events (weeding, planting, trash pickup), including at least one public event per semester
  • Conduct creek tours for students and community members
  • Maintain a regular presence on the creeks of UC Berkeley

Ideal candidates have an experience with or a desire to learn about:

  • California native plants
  • Water quality
  • Habitat restoration ecology (invasive species removal, native planting, ecological/biological field work experience, etc.)
  • Education and public outreach

The EH&S Environmental Protection team hires UC Berkeley student interns for the SCRP. These positions are made possible by a combination of funds, including the Steve Maranzana Fund for the Environment and the Strawberry Creek Fund

How To Apply

There are no open SCRP internships for the 2024-2025 academic year.

Meet the SCRP Interns

Intern Alessandra posed with a flower

Intern Alessandra Lucchesi, spring 2023 to present

Hi there! My name is Alessandra Lucchesi! I am a SCRP intern who is passionate about native plant restoration, biodiversity, and environmental protection. Consider me a native plant enthusiast and a staunch advocate for preserving the natural world. I take great pleasure in nurturing and safeguarding places like Strawberry Creek, and seeing students learn about its vital role as an urban creek, and overall ecosystem! You can find me blabbering about plant facts on campus, or sitting on the bank of Strawberry Creek reading one of E. O Wilson’s novels. 

Fav CA Native Plant: Eriogonum fasciculatum, California Buckwheat

Fav Hobby: Love to cook Italian food


Intern Andrew Glaros, spring 2023 to present

Howdy! My name is Andrew (he/him) I’m a transfer student from Sacramento City College and currently a senior studying civil engineering with a concentration on water. I had my first few jobs working on farms and these experiences have evolved into a passion for habitat restoration and resource conservation! I also like to play around with computers and am helping develop the sensor effort for the Strawberry Creek Restoration Project. On my off time you can catch me playing chess, guitar and walking around the beautiful outdoors with a big ol smile on! One of my favorite native plants as well as one of the first ones I could ID is Sticky Monkey Flower.

Woman pulling tarp around plants

Intern Julia Lambert (she/her), fall 2023 to present

Hello! I’m a sophomore double majoring in Applied Math and Conservation and Resource Studies. I grew up around the mountains of San Bernardino and absolutely love hiking and gain great satisfaction from pulling invasive species and gardening. I love spending time in secretive areas by Strawberry Creek, learning which plants I can eat around here, and diminishing the dominion of campus ivy. My favorite CA native plant is the Western Redbud and my favorite hobby is making short films with friends!

Intern Loulou and an oak tree

Intern Loulou Ziegler (she/her), fall 2023 to present

Hi! My name is Loulou (she/her). I’m a sophomore studying Conservation and Resource Studies. My favorite native plant is the Coast Live Oak, its scraggly yet sturdy limbs are great to climb. I get excited about growing and cooking good food for my friends, making art and music, and the forests of Northern California. Strawberry Creek has been a magical place for me since I was a little kid growing up in Berkeley—a quiet haven of water skeeters and edible blackberries—and my appreciation for all it has to offer our community has only grown since I’ve started as an intern for SCRP.