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Strawberry Creek Management Plan

Strawberry Creek Management Plan cover

The Strawberry Creek Restoration Program began in 1987 with the adoption of the Strawberry Creek Management Plan. The goals of the program at that time were prioritized as follows:

  • identify harmful releases from the Campus

  • eliminate these harmful releases

  • re-introduce native fish species to the creek

After a lot of work repairing sanitary sewer and storm lines to eliminate harmful releases, the Office of Environment, Health, and Safety successfully re-introduced three native fish species to the creek in 1988. The offspring of these initial populations still live in Strawberry Creek today.


Habitat Restoration Projects

Strawberry Creek is the focus of many restoration efforts on campus, including the following projects:

students in the plant nursery


The Native Plant Nursery and Demonstration Garden 

Built in 2008

Student interns and volunteers propagate native plants from seeds, cuttings and donations, which are then planted in the natural areas on campus. The nursery is located on the western side of Giannini Hall.

biodiversity creek sign


The Strawberry Creek Watershed Stewardship Program 

Signs installed 2016

Students and staff surveyed Fire Trail users to help inform policy and planning for the area, resulting in the development and installation of beautiful interpretive signage on the Fire Trail.

prairie parcel


Berkeley's Prairie Restoration and Commemoration Project

Planted 2014

Students, staff and volunteers are restoring patches of coastal prairie to the Berkeley campus and exploring the condition of the remaining prairie ecosystem in the hills east of the central campus.

looking upstream


The Strawberry Creek Ecological Stabilization Project 

Installed 2014

An interdisciplinary team of students, staff and contractors designed and installed ecologically-functional grade control structures for a degraded section of Strawberry Creek. This project is a great example of ecological engineering, which integrates and enhances the natural environment while also addressing the repair of urban infrastructure. Visit this site to see schools of fish, abundant native plants and a couple of small waterfalls that run all year long.


The Riparian Enhancement Project at the Women's Faculty Club of Strawberry Creek

Planted 2016 

Over 600 individuals of 32 different native plant species were planted in the riparian corridor and upper banks of Strawberry Creek on the north side of the Women's Faculty Club. This site is challenging because of the presence of redwood trees, which are not native to the local area and tend to suppress native vegetation due to their water needs and the deep shade they produce (read this article for a more in depth explanation). Despite the challenging conditions, the plants are thriving (with some extra irrigation) and once they are well-established, the site will serve as plant stock for the Native Plant Nursery. 



Invasive Plants Removal

ivy removal

During the 20th Century, the Grinnell, Goodspeed, and Wickson Natural Areas on campus became heavily invaded with ivy and other non-native vegetation that suppressed the biodiversity that once existed within the riparian zone of Strawberry Creek. Thanks to many student and community volunteers in the past 20 years, some of the natural areas are relatively weed-free and can support native vegetation. This work is ongoing - join us for an event!

Funding for the Creek



The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) was created in 2007 via a student fee referendum, and renewed in 2016. TGIF is a major supporter of the creek and is responsible for many of the restoration efforts on campus today.

Steve Maranzana


In December 2014, EH&S staff member and creek champion Steve Maranzana died in a tragic bike accident. His family created the Steve Maranzana Fund for the Environment, which funds two student interns per year to manage the plant nursery and organize volunteer and outreach events for the creek.

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Anyone can give a tax-deductible donation to the Strawberry Creek Fund.

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