Resources and Links

There are a host of resources available on the web. Here are some links to get you started:

Creeks and Watershed Information

Oakland Museum of California
The Oakland Museum of California has various PDF, geographic information systems and google earth versions of maps available for the San Francisco Bay Area Creeks.

Jef Poskanzer - Berkeley Creeks
A geographic and photographic database of the current and former creeks in the Berkeley area.

California Oak Mortality Task Force
A non-profit working group which coordinates research, management, monitoring, education, and public efforts to manage Sudden Oak Death in California.

Weed Management

The Weed Workers Handbook 
Published by the Watershed Project and the California Invasive Plant Council, the Weed Workers' Handbook explains how to remove more than 35 of the San Francisco Bay Area's most invasive plants. 



Rescape California
The Ecology Center provides sustainability resources for the public.  ReScape California, also known as the Bay-Friendly Landscaping & Gardening Coalition, is an advocate and expert in the creation of sustainable landscapes.

Ecology Center
The Ecology Center is a Berkeley-based non profit that provides sustainability resources for the public.

The Water Institute
The Water Institute develops innovative science-based solutions for communities and the environment to address the legacy of hydrologically destructive land-use practices and policies on California’s watersheds.

Low Impact Development

US Environmental Protection Agency


California State Water Resources Control Board

California Stormwater Quality Association