Best Management Practices

Best Management Practices (BMPs) outline specific information on how to prevent or mitigate negative impacts to our creeks and natural water bodies. The California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA) has developed a range of institutional BMPs, grouped here into three categories:

Operational BMPs
for custodians, gardeners, and tradespeople who work in the field daily

Design BMPs
for planners and architects to include pollution controls in the design of new development

Treatment BMPs
for engineers, architects, and planners to design storm water treatment facilities

Contact us if you have any questions, or to request information on another BMP not listed here.

Operational BMPs​

Storm Drain Maintenance - Materials Removal and Disposal

Note: Because of the presence of chloramines in Berkeley's drinking water, no wash water is allowed into storm drains even if clean. The following BMPs may state otherwise because they are state-wide guidelines (not everybody has chloramines in their water). At UC Berkeley, only clean rainwater is allowed into storm drains, with very few exceptions (i.e. groundwater and cool HVAC condensate). Contact EH&S if you have any questions.

SC-10 Non-Stormwater Discharges SC-60 Housekeeping Practices
SC-11 Spill Prevention, Control and Cleanup SC-61 Safer Alternative Products
SC-30 Outdoor Loading/Unloading SC-70 Road and Street Maintenance
SC-31 Outdoor Container Storage SC-71 Plaza and Sidewalk Cleaning
SC-32 Outdoor Equipment Maintenance SC-72 Fountain and Pool Maintanance
SC-33 Outdoor Storage of Raw Materials SC-73 Landscape Maintenance
SC-34 Waste Handling and Disposal SC-74 Drainage System Maintenance
SC-41 Building and Grounds Maintenance SC-75 Waste Handling and Disposal
SC-43 Parking/Storage Area Maintenance SC-76 Water and Sewer Utility Maintenance

Design BMPs

​SD-10 Site Design and Landscape Planning SD-31 Maintenance Bays and Docks
SD-11 Roof Runoff Controls SD-32 Trash Storage Areas
SD-12 Efficient Irrigation SD-34 Outdoor Material Storage Areas
SD-13 Storm Drain Signage SD-35 Outdoor Work Areas
SD-20 Pervious Pavements SD-36 Outdoor Processing Areas
SD-21 Alternative Building Materials  

Treatment BMPs​

TC-10 Infiltration Trench TC-40 Media Filter
TC-11 Infiltration Basin TC-50 Water Quality Inlet
TC-12 Retention/Irrigation TC-60 Multiple System Fact Sheet
TC-20 Wet Ponds MP-20 Wetland
TC-21 Constructed Wetlands MP-40 Media Filter
TC-22 Extended Detention Basin MP-50 Wet Vault
TC-30 Vegetated Swale MP-51 Vortex Separator
TC-31 Vegetated Buffer Strip MP-52 Drain Inlet
TC-32 Bioretention