Are there fish in Strawberry Creek?

Yes indeed; there are at least three species of fish successfully living and breeding in Strawberry Creek.  They are:

Sacramento Sucker (Catostomus occidentalis)
California Roach Minnow (Hesperoleucus symmetricus)
Three-spine Stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus)

The best locations to see them are in the deeper pools where the creek either undercuts the banks or where energy from water falling over the check-dams scours the creek bed making a “drop pool”. You have to watch carefully and spend some time letting your eyes become accustomed to watching for movement under water.

The suckers are generally on the bottom, in a school of anywhere from six to a dozen or more, moving slowly along while looking for their food. Suckers in Strawberry Creek can grow up to about 10 inches long although most are about 3-5 inches.

The minnows, also a schooling fish, are up in the mid water and face into the current waiting for food particles to drift their way. Roach minnows have fooled many folks into thinking they are seeing small trout or salmon because they behave similarly in small streams and creeks, heading up the riffles and rising for tidbits of food floating on the creek surface. They are generally about 2-5 inches long.

The sticklebacks are sometimes the hardest to spot because they are smallest of all (adults only reach about 2-3 inches) and they often hover motionless in the water, darting under a leaf or a rock when frightened. Look for a small fish up in the quiet mid water near creek banks, away from the riffles; they hover with a slight bend in their bodies and are usually seen when they move.