Student Creek Sensor System


Since September 2018, multiple students have collaborated to work towards developing a creek monitoring system to install on Strawberry Creek. The goal is to install a couple of these systems by Spring 2021. Initial features include electrical conductivity, depth, and temperature measurements, connection to data visualization platforms, and alert messaging function.

Current Status

So far, we have been able to successfully collect and store valid data using a Hydros 21 sensor in combination with a Mayfly Data Logger. 

At the moment, progress is being made towards developing data transmitting and alert messaging functions. 

From left to right, Hydros 21 Sensor, Mayfly data logger, and Sim808 Module.

Component Information

Hydros 21: This sensor measures its depth in the water, the water's temperature, and its electrical conductivity. Using these three pieces of information we can get a pretty good idea of the status of the creek, with electrical conductivity being the primary indicator of whether there are contaminants in the water.

Sim808 Module: This component allows us to remotely access the data collected by the sensor, as well as alert us if any abnormalities are detected.

Mayfly: This microprocessor board is "the brain" that allows us to collect and send data in this system.

Additional Information

About our project:

Look at our data: *Work in Progress*

Student Perspective

Despite being a civil engineering student, it felt like a majority of my early coursework was primarily based on theory without much focus on application. This project gave me the chance to offset that by working to develop this monitoring system, a true application of engineering.

       - Connor Geudeker '22