Native Plants Recommended for Use at the University of California, Berkeley Along Strawberry Creek


The purpose of this report is to provide specific recommendations for California native plant species to be planted on the central campus in or adjacent to both forks of Strawberry Creek.  The use of natives can be used for a number of objectives, including the following:

  1. Structural protection and support for stream banks as part of a process of long-term restoration of creeks.
  2. A return to Fredrick Law Olmstead's original conception of the campus by establishment of a "managed wildscape" of native species assemblages on areas adjacent to the stream banks which are now devegetated, or dominated by non-native species such as English Ivy.
  3. Introduction of appropriate native vegetation on newly created structures such as runoff catchment basins, permeable pavements, and vegetated berms built for long-term stablization of the watershed.
David Kaplow
John Cloud
Publication date: 
March 14, 1988
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