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Title Author Yearsort descending Publication type
Pre-European Ecology of the East Bay Michael Harney; Malcolm Margolin; The Ohlone Way Graphic
California Salmonid Stream Habitat Restoration Manual, 4th Ed., Part 2 Management Plan
Historic Flooding In Berkeley Roger Lawler Research
Photo - Strawberry Canyon in the 1800s 1800 Photo
Photo - UC Berkeley Campus - 1874 1874 Photo
Map of Strawberry Valley and Vicinity - 1875 Frank Soule Jr. 1875 Map
Photo - Strawberry Creek at Allston and Oxford - 1889 1889 Graphic
Photo - Strawberry Creek near Oxford Street - 1893 University Archives 1893 Photo
Photo - Strawberry Creek as Sewage and Trash Disposal System - 1895 1895 Photo
Photo - Shattuck Avenue - 1896 1896 Photo
Photo - North Fork of Strawberry Creek - 1902 1902 Photo
Photo - Hydraulic Excavation of Memorial Stadium - 1922 University Archives (UARC PIC 10D;45C) 1922 Photo
Map - East Bay Creeks 1923 Map
Preliminary storm drainage investigations and emergency remedial measures at the University of California at Berkeley Lennert and Associates 1963 Report
Five Campus "Nature Areas" Designated The Daily Californian 1969 Journal Article
Report of the Task Force on the Management of Ecological Areas on the Berkeley Campus (1970) Landscape Architecture Advisory Subcommittee 1970 Report
Berkeley Rainfall Analysis Intensity Duration Frequency Curves (1940-1974) 1976 Graphic
Trees of the Berkeley Campus Division of Agricultural Sciences 1976 Book
Photo - Strawberry Creek Neglected - 1980s 1980 Photo
Storm Drain Study, Strawberry Creek Watershed at University of California, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory G T Kuntz, Consulting Engineer 1980 Report