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Winter Creek Stabilization and Enhancement Project - Agency Permit 2007 Permit
Storm Water Permit Jeanine Townsend; Charles R. Hoppin; Frances Spivy-Weber; Tam M. Doduc; Steven Moore; Felicia Marcus 2013 Permit
Photo - Strawberry Creek Neglected - 1980s 1980 Photo
Photo - Redwood Cribwall - 1988 Vincent Resh 1988 Photo
Photo - Strawberry Creek Step Pool - 2016 2016 Photo
Photo - Strawberry Creek near Oxford Street - 1893 University Archives 1893 Photo
Photo - UC Berkeley Campus - 1874 1874 Photo
Photo - Ohlone Mural by Jean LaMarr Jean LaMarr 2014 Photo
Photo - Strawberry Canyon in the 1800s 1800 Photo
Photo - Strawberry Creek as Sewage and Trash Disposal System - 1895 1895 Photo
Photo - Students Work in Native Plant Nursery circa 2008 2000 Photo
Photo - Codornices Creek Watershed Work 2004 2014 Photo
Photo - Hydraulic Excavation of Memorial Stadium - 1922 University Archives (UARC PIC 10D;45C) 1922 Photo
Photo - North Fork of Strawberry Creek - 1902 1902 Photo
Photo - Shattuck Avenue - 1896 1896 Photo
Upper Watershed Fire Trail Sign - Welcome Map Office of Environment, Health & Safety 2016 Graphic
Berkeley Rainfall Analysis Intensity Duration Frequency Curves (1940-1974) 1976 Graphic
Upper Watershed Fire Trail Sign - Fire Ecology Office of Environment, Health & Safety 2016 Graphic
Upper Watershed Fire Trail Sign - Pollution Office of Environment, Health & Safety 2016 Graphic
Pre-European Ecology of the East Bay Michael Harney; Malcolm Margolin; The Ohlone Way Graphic