Operational BMPs

for custodians, gardeners, and tradespeople who work in the field daily

SC-34 Waste Handling and Disposal

Improper storage and handling of solid wastes can allow toxic compounds, oils and greases, heavy metals, nutrients, suspended solids, and other pollutants to enter stormwater runoff.

SC-33 Outdoor Storage of Raw Materials

Raw materials, by-products, finished products, containers, and material storage areas exposed to rain and/or runoff can pollute stormwater.

SC-30 Outdoor Loading/Unloading

Implementation of the following protocols will prevent or reduce the discharge of pollutants to stormwater from outdoor loading/unloading of materials. 

SC-32 Outdoor Equipment Maintenance

Outside process equipment operations and maintenance can contaminate stormwater runoff. Activities such as grinding, painting, coating, sanding, degreasing of parts cleaning, landfills and waste piles, solid waste treatment and disposal are examples of process operations that can lead to contamination of stormwater runnoff.

SC-31 Outdoor Container Storage

Accidental releases of materials from ground liquid storage tanks, drums, and dumpsters present the potential for contaminating stormwaters with many different pollutants.