Restoration Projects

Several restoration projects have occurred on both Codornices Creek and Village Creek. The following is a rough description and approximate timeline of these projects. For more detailed information, go to Featured Publications and/or the Searchable Database to find archived reports.

Codornices Creek:

  • 1994: Installation of a 430-foot-long stream daylighting project between 8th and 9th Streets

  • 1997: Creation of a wider channel, a meander belt, and new riparian vegetation between 5th and 6th Streets

  • 2004 & 2006: Replaced the straight channel between 3rd and 6th Streets with a meandering creek channel, including pools, riffles, and vegetation.

Village Creek:

  • Projects in 1998 and 2007 daylighted 900 feet of Village Creek for the purposes of habitat restoration and flood protection