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Strawberry Creek Status Report - 2006 - Geomorphology Karl Hans; Steve Maranzana 2008 Report
UC Berkeley Stormwater Survey - 2016 analysis Office of Environment, Health & Safety 2017 Report
Village Creek Restoration Project - 2013 Supplemental Monitoring Report May & Associates, Inc. 2013 Report
Urban Riparian Restoration: An Outdoor Classroom for College and High School Students Collaborating in Conservation Karl Hans; Jeffrey D. Corbin; Alison H. Purcell 2007 Research
Strawberry Creek on the University of California, Berkeley Campus: A case history of urban stream restoration Robert Charbonneau; Vincent H. Resh 1992 Research
Channel Cross-Section Survey and Flow Measurement Katie McKnight 2015 Research
Strawberry Creek Bank Stabilization Study (1988) Jeffrey Haltiner; Philip Williams; Jack Schultz; Tom Christian 1988 Research
Storm Drainage Study Of Eastern Portion Of The Strawberry Creek Watershed G T Kuntz 2004 Research
Historic Flooding In Berkeley Roger Lawler Research
Reinventing Stormwater: A Tour of the UC Berkeley Campus Nicole Kush; Sasha Harris-Lovett; Tim Pine; Bernadette Dugtong; Kara Nelson; Brandy Saldaña; Office of Environment, Health & Safety 2014 Brochure
Job Safety Analysis - Strawberry Creek Restoration Project - Weeding, Planting, and Trash Pick-Up Activities on the Central Campus Park Office of Environment, Health & Safety 2010 Brochure
Keeping Strawberry Creek Clean Office of Environment, Health & Safety 2001 Brochure
Update on Strawberry Creek Fuel Cleanup Office of Environment, Health & Safety 2012 Brochure
Enjoying Strawberry Creek Safely Office of Environment, Health & Safety 2000 Brochure
Strawberry Creek: A Walking Tour of Campus Natural History Robert Charbonneau; Stephanie Kaza; Vincent Resh 2000 Brochure
Grinnell Natural Area Native Biodiversity Restoration Project Office of Environment, Health & Safety 2008 Brochure
Trees of the Berkeley Campus UC Division of Agricultural Sciences 1976 Book
The Ohlone way : Indian life in the San Francisco-Monterey Bay area Michael Harney; Malcolm Margolin Book
Codornices Creek Watershed Restoration Action Plan (2004) Kier Associates; Fisheries And Watershed Professionals; Urban Creeks Counsil 2004 Management Plan
UC Berkeley, Richmond Field Station Flora, Western Stege Marsh Floral Compendium 2013 Management Plan