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Report of the Task Force on the Management of Nature Areas on the Central Berkeley Campus (1982) Committee on Conservation and Environmental Quality 1982 Report
Report of the Task Force on the Management of Ecological Areas on the Berkeley Campus (1970) Landscape Architecture Advisory Subcommittee 1970 Report
Reinventing Stormwater: A Tour of the UC Berkeley Campus Nicole Kush; Sasha Harris-Lovett; Tim Pine; Bernadette Dugtong; Kara Nelson; Brandy Saldaña; Office of Environment, Health & Safety 2014 Brochure
Redwoods Planted Where They Shouldn't Be Megan Bradley 2017 Journal Article
Recommendations for the Future Development and Uses of the Campus Ecological Study Areas Bolton 1981 Report
Preliminary storm drainage investigations and emergency remedial measures at the University of California at Berkeley Lennert and Associates 1963 Report
Pre-European Ecology of the East Bay Michael Harney; Malcolm Margolin; The Ohlone Way Graphic
Photo - UC Berkeley Campus - 1874 1874 Photo
Photo - Students Work in Native Plant Nursery circa 2008 2000 Photo
Photo - Strawberry Creek Step Pool - 2016 2016 Photo
Photo - Strawberry Creek Neglected - 1980s 1980 Photo
Photo - Strawberry Creek near Oxford Street - 1893 University Archives 1893 Photo
Photo - Strawberry Creek at Allston and Oxford - 1889 1889 Graphic
Photo - Strawberry Creek as Sewage and Trash Disposal System - 1895 1895 Photo
Photo - Strawberry Canyon in the 1800s 1800 Photo
Photo - Shattuck Avenue - 1896 1896 Photo
Photo - Redwood Cribwall - 1988 Vincent Resh 1988 Photo
Photo - Ohlone Mural by Jean LaMarr Jean LaMarr 2014 Photo
Photo - North Fork of Strawberry Creek - 1902 1902 Photo
Photo - Hydraulic Excavation of Memorial Stadium - 1922 University Archives (UARC PIC 10D;45C) 1922 Photo