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Report of the Task Force on the Management of Nature Areas on the Central Berkeley Campus (1982) Committee on Conservation and Environmental Quality 1982 Report
Letter from Prof. Luna Leopold requesting a study of pollution sources on Strawberry Creek Luna Leopold 1986 Letter
1987 Strawberry Creek Management Plan Robert Charbonneau 1987 Management Plan
Photo - Redwood Cribwall - 1988 Vincent Resh 1988 Photo
Native Plants Recommended for Use at the University of California, Berkeley Along Strawberry Creek David Kaplow; John Cloud 1988 Report
Strawberry Creek Bank Stabilization Study (1988) Jeffrey Haltiner; Philip Williams; Jack Schultz; Tom Christian 1988 Research
Strawberry Creek on the University of California, Berkeley Campus: A case history of urban stream restoration Robert Charbonneau; Vincent H. Resh 1992 Research
Strawberry Creek Surface Bed Material Size Study Sarah Morley 1994 Report
Strawberry Creek Cross-Section Report Karl Hans; Sarah Morley 1994 Report
The Strawberry Creek Flood of 1962 Steven Finacom 1998 Journal Article
Photo - Students Work in Native Plant Nursery circa 2008 2000 Photo
Strawberry Creek: A Walking Tour of Campus Natural History Robert Charbonneau; Stephanie Kaza; Vincent Resh 2000 Brochure
Enjoying Strawberry Creek Safely Office of Environment, Health & Safety 2000 Brochure
Strawberry Creek I: The Making of an Urban Stream, 1860-1960 Robert Charbonneau 2000 Journal Article
Strawberry Creek II - Restoring the Creek, 1987-1990 - A Personal Perspective Robert Charbonneau 2000 Journal Article
Keeping Strawberry Creek Clean Office of Environment, Health & Safety 2001 Brochure
North Fork Reach 2 - University House to Haviland 2003 Map
South Fork 5 - South Stephens Hall to Cribwall 2003 Map
North Fork Reach 3 - Haviland Hall 2003 Map
South Fork 6 - Stephens to Anthony 2003 Map